Body types – why it works

Body shape and weight

The proximity of the pushers on individual rods and the proximity of pushers on neighbouring rods, both across and down the bed, dictate both the angle of all inclined surfaces in relation to body shape and the pressure exerted by the upward force of each moving component. The size of individual surface caps along all inclined surfaces dictates the amount of contact of the bed surface where the shape of the body changes.

The design and position of pushers on all rods is set so that the downward pressure on and the resulting downward movement of one surface cap results in the downward movement of its neighbouring cap/s only when it has moved approximately 8mm. All neighbouring caps also have to move approximately 8mm before their neighbouring cap/s start to move downwards.

  • The angle of the inclined surfaces created results in a bed surface which contours to the body shape.
  • The size of individual surface caps, at 20mm square, results in good contact along inclined surfaces where the shape of the body changes.
  • The interdependence of all pushers results in the continuation of the inclined surface beyond the body’s influence.
  • The interdependence of all pushers results in a uniform upward force along the inclined surface.

Body movement

The design of all moving components results in a bed surface which reacts instantaneously to all movement.

Weight bearing

The resistance to movement of a single cap downwards is created by both an increase in the resistance (as it opens) of the spring immediately beneath it and by the breaking action of all “pushers” on all rods within an area of approximately 250mm (10ins) radius from it.

The design of the Ammique engineering is such that a ball measuring 250mm (10ins) in diameter would need to weigh approximately 90kg (198lbs) in order for the pushers on some of the rods to touch the support bar and therefore cause the surface of the bed to no longer support and contour correctly.


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