Design service

As well as the full range of Ammique beds, bedding, headboards, hand crafted furniture, fabrics and furnishings in our sleepscape™ studio we offer a full design service. Design consultations and plans/drawings are charged at £155.00 per hour (plus VAT and disbursements).


AMMIQUE sleepscape™

To complete your Ammique bedroom we design and build products with integrated audio visual systems and scientifically researched program options to help enhance your sleep.

  • LIGHT – Light is a powerful time cue and can trigger the brain’s responses when it comes to sleeping and waking.
  • SOUND – The frontal lobe of the brain continues to process and filter sound during sleep.
    Any sudden noise may be recognised as threatening whilst ‘white noise’ such as the rhythm of a fan or air conditioner is conducive to relaxation.
  • TEMPERATURE – The ideal temperature in the bedroom is 60–65 degrees Fahrenheit or 16–18 degrees Celsius.