Body contouring – how it works

Thousands of precision-engineered components contour to the natural curves of the body making sleep a completely new experience.

The surface of the Ammique support system comprises of many thousands of small plastic domed caps. Each cap is fixed onto a rod. All rods pass through a support/guide bar. 50% of the rods are held within an extension spring allowing upward and downward movement. The rods are loosely linked together both across and down the bed and move interdependently.

By increasing the number of individually moving and supporting components and by allowing the components uninhibited movement unrestricted by padding; the surface of the Ammique system contours instantaneously to the natural curves of the body irrespective of its weight or shape. Three removable and washable padded layers, Coversofts, are supplied with each Ammique as standard.

If two people are sharing an Ammique each is supported independently so there is no roll together.


The video below features a demo unit containing the sample section of the Ammique bed tested by FIRA International.
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