What others say

“If you’re looking for a luxurious bed that is light years ahead of any other bed in the world. Their beds are amazingly comfortable, super hygienic, and engineered to last for decades – sustainable luxury and pure sleep bliss. A great company too. Based in Somerset, these guys take care of everything making sure your Ammique is set up for you in your very own sleep retreat fully styled to suit you and your family. Look out for them as they roll out in luxury hotels across the UK.”

Ronan and Storm Keating


“I saw the Ammique bed at Decorex and was told it was here (The Bath Priory Hotel), so had to try it. Only thing I would say is exceptional!! I was a little sceptical at first, and often struggle to sleep well in hotels, I woke up feeling amazing, like I had been to the chiropractor.”

Andrew P – Tripadvisor Review of The Bath Priory


“I have spent more than 1000 nights in mostly luxury hotels and resorts… the Ammique bed is the ‘Greatest Bed in the World’ …it will change the way the world sleeps.”

Frank Wolfe, USA


A unique product that will look after our hard working bodies, be utterly fantastic to look at, easy to keep clean and always be something far more than just a bed.”

Nigel & Julie Southern


“I found the Ammique to be the most comfortable surface I have ever reclined on.”

Ken Speake


“It is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on [no exceptions].”

Lena Tisdall, Australia


“When I stay at The Bath Priory Hotel, the only room I will ever consider staying in is the Ammique suite …it really is incredible.”

Neil Hudson


“Truly a 21st Century bed, which can be customised for even the most classic of English bedrooms. Guests have loved it.”

Sue Williams, General Manager


“We were delighted to find we would be sleeping on the Ammique bed… it was an incredible thing to sleep on.”

Houndog5 (Trip Advisor Review)


“I regularly woke up with a ‘morning’ headache. Since sleeping on the Ammique, my headaches have greatly decreased in intensity.”

Linda Reavley


“The Ammique story is truly fascinating and what an exceptional product you have created. It has turned the traditional way of thinking about sleep and comfort into a new dimension.”

Dids Macdonald, OBE (CEO of Anti Copying in Design)


The bed now feels firm yet strangely fluid. How a waterbed should feel… but doesn’t. I’m not sure how long it took me to fall asleep – it could have been as long as 60 seconds.  My slumber was so sound that I woke with a start when the room-service waitress tapped on my door at 8.30am. It took a satisfyingly long time to remember where on earth I was, before I welcomed in my breakfast with a light skip, a tra-la-la and, I swear, a bluebird on my shoulder. The Ammique Bed – There’s no question that it lives up to its hype.

Sue d’Arcy, The Sunday Times


“It is, I can report, exquisitely comfortable…the Ammique bed has become something of a phenomenon.”

Mark Phillips, CBS News Reporter


“There’s certainly a lot of comfort here, and we were very comfortable lying down a moment ago. The Ammique bed has been a tremendous focal point of this booth thus far…”

Kevin Heilbronner, US Editor for Hsyndicate.com


“We decided to order an Ammique because of its comfort, design, hygiene and excitement… far more than just a bed.”

Nigel and Julie Southern


“I can sit cross-legged in bed, doing my Sudoku, without any discomfort to my back…”

Bill Reavley


 “I attribute any success to having a better night sleep; have you thought about trying to extract a royalty from your clients’ future earnings?”

Jim Wiggins, USA


“…amazingly comfortable night’s sleep and can be wiped down and disinfected between every user…Goodbye to any bed bug epidemic for starters!”

Mariella Frostrup, Journalist and Broadcaster


I have great admiration for your design and technology which is light years ahead of anyone else in the bed market.

Mike Clare, Founder of Dreams plc


“We were VERY impressed with the unique innovation of the Ammique ensemble …this great product could be a huge long term success.”

Dave Roberts CEO of Comfort Solutions by King Koil, USA


“Guests have loved it, and suffice to say, The Bath Priory housekeeping team adore its practicality.”

Sue Williams, General Manager


“The Ammique sleep system holds you in the perfect sleeping position no matter what your shape… I slept incredibly well.”

Abby Driver, The Luxury Editor


With endless possibilities for colour and style the Ammique Bed provides the ultimate sleeping experience.

Alex Wiltshire, ICON Assistant Editor


The wonderful Ammique bed …the mattress-less mood bed that everyone seems to love and is the hit of the show.

Jules Sieburgh CHTP, HFTP reporter


“It’s a brilliant product and deserves international success.”

Kevin McCloud, TV Presenter


“It was great to see your amazing product and lovely showroom.”

Andy Bishop, Creative Director Decorex


“I believe your product is a great concept… it’s great to see people with a passion for their products as I have for ours.”

Mark Fletcher, Alternative Flooring



Product review by Peter Dixon (DC FRCC FBCA FAECC)

  • The design of the Ammique bed is original and as such makes it a new concept both as a platform to sleep on and as a piece of furniture.

  • As a platform to sleep on it is very comfortable. The individual rods are suspended in the frame so that they stretch a spring as you lie on them.

  • This is the opposite of conventional springs that are compressed with pressure. With conventional springs the range elasticity reduces as the pressure increases.

  • While this is still the case in the Ammique system, at the end of the range of movement, it is less apparent in the first phase of movement and as a result the effect is to feel less pressure from the mattress when you lie on it.

  • Therefore,  the effect is of a noticeably softer surface to lie on. This does not reduce the support that it provides as it adopts the shape of your body providing support for the concavities (waist) while allowing the shoulders and hips to sink into the frame.

  • Like a waterbed it provides a very uniform support, but unlike a waterbed it does not ripple after you have moved.

  • The effect of this is a remarkably good night’s sleep.

  • The structure also encourages movement while you sleep, without you needing to wake you up, and this means that there is less joint stiffness after several hours asleep.

  • Sleep is all about recuperation and regeneration and the more you can reduce the physical tension while you sleep the better your sleep will be and therefore the more beneficial.

  • From a biomechanical point of view, it is a very impressive design.